Dr. Kahrhoff is the creator of the AMP System. He created the system because he saw a need for a system with a clear model of vision and an understanding that vision leads action. Not content with simply reproducing classic techniques on a screen or inside VR, Dr. Kahrhoff created a system where the expert in vision has exquisite control over training parameters to create truly multi-sensory training tasks capable of integrating vision, proprioception, balance, audition, and cognitive loading. Dr. Kahrhoff invested his time in creating the AMP System because of his conviction that it is not possible to train complex human performance in any area if you do not give the training physician the ability to integrate vision with other sensory systems and with motor.

Dr. Kahrhoff is the senior partner in a large multidisciplinary practice in the St. Louis area. He is a veteran of the USAF. Dr. Kahrhoff has taught in the areas of systemic and ocular pharmacology, ocular anatomy and physiology, physiological optics, and problem-based clinical analysis.

Dr. Kahrhoff has been involved in developing innovations in ocular drug delivery and regenerative ocular medicine. He is a co-inventor of "The Electronic Eyelid," a prosthetic blinking device designed for a child who had lost his ability to blink due a brain tumor and "The Freedom Reader," a low vision aid that converted printed text to speech.

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Almost 40 years ago, Dr. Don Teig pioneered work in Sports Vision and Visual-Motor Performance Training with Major League Baseball. Subsequently, Dr. Teig and his associates would have the opportunity to work with fifteen major league baseball clubs, the men and women’s pro golf and tennis tours, several NBA basketball clubs, many Olympic teams, teams in professional football and hockey, as well as the dancers in the Joffrey Ballet. His patient files are a virtual Who’s Who in the sports, entertainment, business and political arenas earning him the recognition as the pioneer in the field of Visual-Cognitive Training.

He is the Founder and President of Ultimate Events & Entertainment, LLC, a Florida based company where he serves as the Executive Director of “The A Team – High Performance Vision Associates”. A national group of sports trained eye care professionals have joined forces in this group to participate in projects, individual practice growth and research directed to providing High Performance Vision to people who participate in visually demanding sports, hobbies and careers.

He is the past chairman of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association where he received Sports Vision Specialist of the Year honors.

Dr. Teig is the author of a consumer based book on the subject of vision and sports entitled, “High Performance Vision – An Athlete’s Guide To Keeping Your Eyes On The Ball!” published by Square One Publishers, Garden City, NY.

He is a partner in “The iGym”, a “cutting edge” facility in Sunrise, Florida dedicated to the training of the Visual Cognitive skills of athletes.

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